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Видео о компании

This short video gives an overview about the history and growth of Dixon and its mission as a global company.


Click on the video for information on Dixon including:
  • Dixon Divisions
  • Global Distribution Centres
  • Industries Served
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Products Available
  • Research and Development
  • Technical Support
  • Testing Facilities

Click a link below to download the entire movie.

Company Video - Low Res.
(3.1 MB)

Company Video - Medium Res.
(11.7 MB)

Company Video - High Res.
(37 MB)

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Dixon Russia

192174, г. Санкт-Петербург, Невский район, пр. Александровской фермы, д. 17, литер «А»

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Тел / Факс: +7(812) 6775447

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